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GodSend Technologies is a place in which the users are satisfied well with our products. We all are developers, groups of creative designers, coders, thinkers, and adopted persons having experiences in building amazing things.We work with custom-tailored strategies, as we have experienced and analyzed everything on our own by abiding the protocol of Business. Everyone plays a uniquely important role, We are a respectful, collaborative, and supportive bunch, and our impact is maximized through trust and composition of work. We work smarter, not longer.


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IT help desk services for your IT environment or software products. We take on solving diverse issues from answering application functionality questions to performing fixes and enhancements on the code level for improved adoption of software, its smooth functioning and increased end user satisfaction.

Our help desk specialists answer questions about software usage, provide instructions to solve usage issues and minor problems, such as restoring access when users forget their passwords, and create user guides, FAQs, and support articles.

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We provide proffesional staff

We adjust our support services to every user category, from novices to experts. We solve minor issues reported by new users and offer trainings and webinars that help to quickly adopt new software. For experienced users, we provide the investigation and quick resolution of non-trivial issues.

Helping Support

To encourage further self-support, we create a knowledge base with the content tailored for every user group: from beginner guides to articles on how to solve complex issues.

Qualified Staff

We ensure successful cooperation of our help desk specialists with software developers, network and application administrators, QA team members and other professionals, both in-house or external, to guarantee that each issue is investigated and handled by the relevant specialist.

We provide proffesional staff to help you


Our Services

Web Development

Provide High Quality

Discover our fast and reliable personalized web apps that can run well on various platforms and are suitable for all screen sizes.

Mobile Application

Provide High Quality

Today it is almost expected that businesses will provide their customers and suppliers with a convenient, highly intuitive and easy way to transact business any time, anywhere using their mobile device.

Billing Software

Provide High Quality

Our developers are technically expert with the new Windows Modern Style UI, well known as Metro style, and are acquainted with the complexity of design to deliver high-class apps for Windows.


Provide High Quality

Our talented team of professionals have in-depth knowledge in building ecommerce portal development for all kind of business. E-commerce development, we prove our proficiency by providing customized ecommerce websites to transform your physical store to online.

Digital Marketing

Provide High Quality

Lifting business closer to current and prospective customer via all modern digital channels as offline marketing is less effective in the connected world. Every diamond has the ability to shine when there is someone to recognize its good facets.


Provide High Quality

Design is what presents identity to your business and its marketing development. It is the foremost fascination needed to strengthen your place in the marketplace and in the minds for your customers


Provide High Quality

Our ERP services range from managing the ERP system, upgrades, migrations, configurations, implementation, maintenance and support and security related services.


Provide High Quality

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes the customer THE ‘center’ of enterprise’s processes, workflows and activities. A customer-centric organization enjoys strong customer relationships, makes more informed and better decisions based on real-time sales & marketing data and create a customer experience that will lead to phenomenal topline growth.

How It Works

The development process starts off with creating Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. ScienceSoft builds a software prototype to simulate the future application and receive feedback from the customer. When all the features are implemented and integrated according to the requirements, the team performs development testing and comes up with a user guide.



We are first design the product as per client requirement.Like Adope XD, Photoshop



First our client satisfied our design process then our development team has been develop client project.



Finally we give the full product of our client requirement.

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